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Summary of the Services Provided by PIE

Project Management

  1. Strategic studies, including development of safety metrics, KPIs & business plans
  2. Technical assignments
  3. Strategic studies, including development of safety metrics, KPIs & business plans
  4. Technical assignments
  5. Pipeline and AGI Feasibility studies
  6. Conceptual Design Studies
  7. Construction and modification
  8. Testing and Commissioning
  9. Pipeline, AGI and Compressor Uprating
  10. Operational Studies
  11. Decommissioning

Technical Management

  1. Development/application of methodologies and tools for pipeline and structural assessment
  2. Preparation/use and application of codes/standards/ procedures/ technical specifications
  3. Technical and HS&E Audits
  4. Competency requirements and assessments
  5. Pipeline Integrity Assessment
  6. Stress analysis
  7. Fatigue/fracture mechanics analysis
  8. Defect assessment
  9. Failure analysis

Integrity Management

  1. Code compliance
  2. Fitness for purpose
  3. Schedules for surveillance, monitoring and inspection
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Records and reporting
  6. Defect assessment and repair methods and procedures
  7. Specification and development of simple PIMS systems
  8. Emergency response requirements

Feasibility Studies

  1. Front end engineering and specialist studies for new projects
  2. Options evaluation
  3. Feasibility reports
  4. Functional Specifications

Design and Technical Appraisal

  1. Provision of Competent Design Authority
  2. Provision of Design Appraiser (mechanical and civil)
  3. Expert review and assessment service

Operations Management

  1. Planning, resourcing, costing
  2. Compliance management (legislation, statutory documents and code requirements)
  3. Policy and procedure development
  4. Notifications
  5. Land acquisition, access and management
  6. Discipline interface management - mechanical/civil/, E&I
  7. Operational procedures (safe working, emergency response, incident management etc.)
  8. Training and Competency
  9. Emergency service provision
  10. Incident investigation
  11. Control and monitoring
  12. Audit

Competent Person

  1. Provision of Competent Person – certification of WSOE and approval of inspection reports
  2. Technical support
  3. Defect assessment
  4. Approval of repairs and modifications
  5. Training

Competency Assessment

  1. Competency framework development
  2. Competency requirements
  3. Competency assessment
  4. Audit

Technical Audit

  1. Design audit
  2. Material / equipment inspection audit
  3. Construction audit
  4. Handover documentation and records audit
  5. Operations and maintenance audit
  6. Technical management audit
  7. Safety Management System Audit

Process Safety / Major Hazard Asset Management

  1. Management system development
  2. Safety Case Review COMAH, Pipeline and Gas Transportation
  3. Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Assessment
  4. Process Safety Training
  5. Process safety Performance Indicators
  6. Leadership support
  7. Culture Surveys
  8. Safety Management System audits